Legal Services

We, at the Szajnbrum Law Office, offer you not only a very realistic and professional approach when dealing with your needs but, specially, a very personal one.

Besides litigation, our vast legal expertise vary in a wide variety of legal matters including:

  • Family Law,
  • Real Estate: Disputes, Purchasing, Selling etc
  • Bankruptcy and Debt Consolidation,
  • Immigration, International Private Law,
  • Personal Injury, Accidents, Insurance, Mal-Practice,
  • Contracts, Civil Law,
  • Real Estate – Lease Agreements,


Other legal services:


  • Notarial Services according to the Israeli Law,
  • Apostille Services including translations Services,
  • Cancellation of a Departure from Israel Prohibition Order,
  • Consolidation and debt renegotiation or debt consolidation,
  • Cleaning a Criminal record (Rishui Plili),


More legal services:


Collection of information:

We can collect material/information from various sources such as:


  • Taxes Authorities,
  • Medical Documentation from hospitals or “Kupat Cholim“,
  • Complete Folder from Otsaa La Foal (National Billing Service),
  • Whether or not you have a ban prohibiting you from leaving Israel. (“Tsav Ikuv Ietsia Min Haretz”),
  • Files from all different courts of Israel,


For more services


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