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A Sad Reality – Work Environment in the Estate of Israel 2018 (VIDEO)

I decided to bring this short video as a “satire” but as sad as it looks, too many times, the Israeli reality is not that far from the pathetic behavior in this video. From the table below we can learn some statistics regarding Work Accidents in Europe  The EEC: In Israel: In Israel, the situation is no less than chaotic and the most dangerous work environments are Construction sites and Industry in General In 2015, there were 48000 work related injuries. The National Insurance paid 4.5

Advice and Tips for Real Estate Buyers – 2018

In the real estate industry, we still find ourselves, in 2018,  in the same legal havoc and turbulence that we were in 8 years ago. Advice and tips for real estate buyers The purchase of an apartment is undoubtedly one of the largest and most expensive transactions a person makes during his lifetime. Unlike a car purchase, an apartment purchase transaction requires full and appropriate attention to detail.  Hiring a real estate attorney should be considered before when dealing with any type

Legislation in the State of Israel (2018) and my personal view

Legislation in the State of Israel – How it will look like in 2019   “The main function of the Knesset as the legislative authority, is to pass laws.” Today we have in Israel almost 1000 laws – excessively many. As we see, The Knesset has a main function: To create and pass laws but unfortunately, some of our MK took the job “very seriously” – so seriously, the Knesset is changing its own rules in order to block excessive legislation or in other words – stop so many