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Tzvi Szajnbrum, Attorney at law

About Tzvi Szajnbrum, Attorney at law

The Szajnbrum Group

Seizure of your car

Your car is in danger Step-by-step how to prevent losing it If you have debts and are facing a search and seizure of your vehicle

Web Defamation

Between pranksters, guessers, defamers, and defamations, this short video is undoubtedly something “universal”  for all those who want to avoid future problems

The wrong lawyer

You can, You should, You even must, Chose a better lawyer, if you are not satisfied with the one you chose before

Purchasing and Selling Used Cars in Israel

If you are planning to sell or buy a car in Israel watch this video You may have second thoughts Consider a professional help before you sign

Did you know that your address

This short video will show what you must not do and what you must do when you change dwellings and the consequences if you don’t change your address with the Ministry of Interior

My Personal Approach as a Lawyer

Many years ago, when I enrolled in law school, my dream was to become a state prosecutor. Since then, much has changed. I wanted to be the “Man of Justice”, bringing criminals to pay a price for their crimes resulting in a change in society and teaching those criminals that “crime doesn’t pay”. Since those old and faraway days, after years as a litigator, I have changed my mind drastically. I could never work for the prosecution because I am a natural