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Applying for Israeli Citizenship 2018

We offer high-quality legal services to those who fulfill the following criteria:

This document applies to:

Persons not eligible under the Law of Return (Chok Hashvut);
Persons eligible under the Law of Return who are in Israel with a tourist or student visa.

  • People who are not eligible under the Law of Return.
  • People who are eligible under the Law of Return, but have not yet exercised that right.
  • People trying to obtain citizenship or Yeshivat Keva (Permanent Residence) in Israel.
  • Non-Jews married to Jews trying to obtain permanent resident status in Israel.
  • Parents with children born in Israel seeking to obtain a visa with permission to remain indefinitely in Israel for themselves and their children.
  • People looking for a work and/or study permit visa in Israel.
  • Our job begins at the inception (preparation of the procedure) and continues until the completion – after our client is granted a positive (requested permission granted) or negative (permission denied)1 response.

Starting the procedure – First steps necessary to start the procedure:

  • Personal interviews with applicant and associate(s);
  • Issuing a Power of Attorney in accordance with Israeli law;
  • Signing a contract, defining the work and fees as suggested by the Israel Bar Association.
  • Necessary Documentation (A partial List)
  • The volume of the necessary documents can be very large and the applicant will be the only person responsible for accumulating the documents either in Israel or in the country of origin.
  • Depending on the case, dozens of documents from the two countries (Israel and abroad) will be necessary.
  • Photos of the applicant and other associates in the process.

Attorney`s fees

Our fees are defined according to the volume of work required and will only be determined after the first interview, which is free and exempt of commitments from either of the parties.

Attorney’s fees depends on the case. 2 and includes:

  • Various photocopies needed to form the applicant’s file (3).
  • Preparation of the applicant’s file to be handed to the Ministry of Interior (Misrad Hapnim) according to updated criteria and new defined requests (4).
  • Interviews – when our presence is necessary at the Ministry of Interior office.
  • Full support during the course of the process (5).

Attorney’s fees do not include:

  • Translations (6) or fees charged by notaries (when necessary).
  • Appeals addressed to any other superior court in case a request is denied (7).
  • Expenses with photographs or documentation.
  • Fees charged by the Ministry of Interior or any other fees charged either by the country of origin or the Israeli government.

End of procedure:

The process begins with the applicant’s initial request and ends when the applicant is given or denied his/her visa or permit. In most cases, the permit is a temporary identification card (8).

The completion of our job as far as the Ministry of Interior is concerned, is when all legal requirements have been fulfilled and the applicant is granted the orange identity card, which provides him/her with permission to remain and work in Israel, among other privileges.

The procedure to obtain Israeli Citizenship, however, requires the applicant to show up at the Ministry of Interior (after being invited to do so), every year, during four (4) years, to confirm his/her request and prove that his/her main identification data has not changed. If changes have occurred, new documents will be required.

The applicant, as well as his/her family members who apply for the same status must present themselves in person to any and all interviewing appointments. No legal representatives are allowed (instead of the applicant) at these interviews (9).

Should you have some bureaucratic problems in the future (10) and need legal support, we will always provide you with assistance. However, we will not support you if you commit any transgression of the law due to actions of a criminal nature.

Each case can be unique, so please contact us for a FREE appointment to discuss the details surrounding your situation.

1    In this case, an appeal to the Supreme Court can be submitted.

2    When there are several applicants from the same family, attorney’s fees will be charged per family and not per individual.

3    Made on our office copiers.

4    We have monthly updates.

5    This sort of process is never short and could take more than 5 years.

6    They are usually necessary.

7    It does not happen very often.

8    Orange ID card.

9    When underage persons are involved in the process, they must also show up at the Ministry along with the applicant.

10    It seldom happens when the applicant remains studying, working or married in Israel.

Tzvi Szajnbrum was born in Brazil in 1957 and made Aliya (immigrated) to Israel in 1977. He is a licensed Attorney & Notary and professional mediator.

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