The human mind – a brief introduction


Our mind is an unbelievable machine that allows us to “manufacture” (and I didn’t write the word “produce” on purpose), a series of “facts” that in reality are nothing more than “pseudoscience” or “fairy tales”, whatever you want to call them.

Human beings often believe in what they want to believe, that is, they create their own reality, especially when they feel the “need” to create it.

The Art of Deception is like a kind of buying and selling.

It was Richard Feynman (American physicist, known for his work in the area of ​​quantum mechanics, the theory of quantum electrodynamics, etc.) who wisely wrote: “The first principle is that you must not deceive yourself, and you are the easiest person to deceive.”

It is exactly this art of deception that creates the lies of history and anyone who likes stories (and not history) can choose any topic and find, with incredible ease, different “historical facts” written by different “renowned historians”.

But how is it possible? A fact should be a FACT and not an interpretation of the facts that occurred, just as history should be used for narratives of real events, and story as a reference for fictional narratives.

The answer is that our mind can be manipulated by third parties and especially by ourselves. A simple example is the “fata morgana” or fairy Morgana (from Italian), in reference to King Arthur’s sorceress half-sister who, according to legend, was a fairy who could change her appearance. It is an optical illusion effect and not a reality, however I would say that:

Anyone who wants to see the oasis and ignore the desert will have no difficulty finding fata morgana wherever they want.

Advertising and psychology

 The profession of psychologist has not been the same for decades and nowadays mass psychology is a profession in high demand. Psychology is even used in the organization of a supermarket and especially in the media that uses psychology to create “realities” via advertising.

Propaganda is a set of specific and systematic actions with the aim of publicizing a belief, religion, or idea. Propaganda is used as a means of announcing a certain subject, with the aim of convincing or influencing the opinion of the recipient.

As we know for a fact (!), humanity has created several successful propagandists, and at least one of them, a true monster, was unfortunately very successful in helping the extermination of the Jews – Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

Propaganda is used as a weapon against the masses and the main method of manufacturing deception in our minds. The more convincing, and frequency of disseminating, the propaganda is, the more it influences our minds.

Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Lenin, Genghis Khan, Hirohito, Hernán Cortés, Tamerlane, Nurhaci, and many others.

Those mentioned above are responsible for the extermination of at least 180,000,000 (one hundred and eighty million) human beings.

I am sure that several of these names are not even known to most readers – Human memory is very “forgetful” and when we want to, we suffer from intense “amnesia” induced by ourselves.

All dictators and nepotists used propaganda and I believe the best example would be the hero of the Chinese masses, the greatest murderer in history who exterminated seventy million human beings (most of them Chinese), the revered leader Mao Zedong who surpassed in numbers, every other killer in history.

Mao passed away about 45 years ago and is still considered a “hero” for the largest population in the world, China. All the other murderers mentioned above are considered simply monsters with the exception of Leopold II of Belgium who exterminated 10 million Congolese and is still considered by the Belgians as a great “Humanitarian”, further proof that mass propaganda theory works to this day.

I would say that manipulation of the masses and deception of the mind are twin sisters!

The “crime” of criticizing

Many human beings (including many new immigrants) have been suffering from an “acute allergy” when it comes to criticizing Israel (to criticism directed at the State of Israel).

The crime is not criticizing, but rather IGNORING what is happening in the country where we live.

We just need to continue to look with “hyper benevolence” at what is wrong around us to be complicit. We have a civil and moral obligation to examine what happens around us and when necessary – criticize constructively.

“The unexamined life is not worth living for man” (attributed to Socrates).

The media and the truth

It is no secret that the media has a highly destructive power if so desired by its managers.

It can be the cause of young people committing suicide, bringing calamity to entire communities, organizing and creating demonic sects, etc. With our technology (and psychology), it has become very easy to marginalize any citizen, put any human being in the spotlight of lies and make him a monster or an outcast from society, when in fact the person is innocent and normative.

On the other hand, mass propaganda has learned to create “idols” that have absolutely nothing to offer humanity, “illusions”, “benevolent and efficient governments”, “exemplary leaders” when in fact they are not facts, but creations.

The weapon of propagandizing is stronger than any other weapon in existence, as our sages said a long time ago: “The tongue has power over life and death; those who love to use it will eat its fruit” (Proverbs 18:21). It doesn’t matter whether the language is delivered via pen, pencil or the modern keyboard, the potentially disastrous consequences will be the same.

The pro-Israeli media and reality

When the media is “blindly pro-Israel” it ceases to be objective, using its own agenda to publicize only what is succinct for its purpose, thus becoming a propagandist weapon to achieve its purpose, no matter the path taken – the What matters is the target only.

In recent years, the media has been creating a distorted image of Israel.

We are manufacturing, buying, and selling the biggest bluff since the creation of the State of Israel – creating “ISRALALAND” and how sad it is to live in La La Land.

Israel and the future

Never in the short history of the State of Israel has the nation been faced with so many internal and external challenges – I will only talk about the internal ones.

In the next decade we will reach the point where we will have to pay a huge price to “fix” what was “artificially created” in the last three or four decades.

In fact, those who will pay the price will be the next generations and we are leaving them a legacy full of tragedies.

The list is long, but I would say the emphasis is on three main topics:

  •  The lack of balance between the three powers,
  • The lack of long-term planning in all government areas,
  • The imminent danger of losing the identity of the Jewish State in Israel.

The three powers or the four powers

Israel continues to be one of the three countries in the world without a constitution, we continue to cede to the Legal Department, powers/rights that actually belong to the Legislative and Executive branches, thus creating a power above powers – The Supreme Court.

Soon we will have a nation that votes democratically choosing its representatives, but they allow the Legislative branch to make decisions for them. At the same time and very soon, we will have an Executive that will be nothing more than a series of political and corrupt institutions.

Jewish society and identity

The State of Israel is creating more and more conclaves within the country. Conclaves of Russians, conclaves of Ethiopians, conclaves of “outlaws”, conclaves of Taliban women, conclaves of another minority, and even a conclave of new immigrants from different countries.

There are already a “few States” within the State, and integration is getting further away from being achieved every day.


It does not depend on any other nation, it does not depend on any other people or even the diaspora and it is up to us, the people in Israel, to make the decisions.

Our indecision and failure to act is in effect a death knell for the Jewish State as we know it today.

It’s time to decide what kind of government we want, what kind of state we want, what kind of family we want and what kind of society we want to live in in the State of Israel in the coming decades!


We should remember the basics: Only together we can win.

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